7 Reasons Why Some Guys Don’t Get Laid

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I am so sick and tired of hearing guys complain that they can’t get laid. Believe me; we ladies have a wild sex drive, too. As long as you know how to treat us right and you push all the right buttons, we will be more than eager to go at it, whether in the bedroom or the broom closet! But nope, there are guys who swear they can’t get some. It’s safe to assume that these guys are probably guilty of one of these 7 blunders…

1. You always want to get laid.

Men who are desperate to get laid think they can outright ask a woman for sex just because she’s wearing a mini skirt. Sorry boys, but it takes more than a cheesy pick up line and a wink to get some. Make some effort, approach us respectfully, and be patient! Women like to have sex with men who like them for more than just their genitals.

2. You don’t have any self-confidence.

Women are attracted to men with self-confidence, period. It’s why the “douche bag” always gets the girl. The douche bag is the one who is confident enough to express his opinions, talk to women he is interested in, and ask for what he wants. He doesn’t just hit on girls; he acts like he is a superstar when he walks into the room.

3. You’ve got stank breath.

Get an honest, third party opinion about your breath and B.O. to make sure that one of those aromas isn’t what is causing you to repel the female race. Bad odors are definitely a huge turn off!

4. Your expectations are too high.

If you refuse to sleep with someone who doesn’t have a red carpet-worthy figure, then you are going to spend most of your weekends having a threesome in front of the TV with two guys named Ben and Jerry. And besides, women who are exceptionally good looking tend to be bad in bed, since they believe that they don’t have to try very hard. If you want to have the time of your life, sleep with an average-looking woman. She may not be a bombshell, but she’ll blow your mind in other ways.

5. You play too many games.

While it’s sensible to wait a couple of days before calling someone after the first date, don’t let pre-determined timelines and games take over the entire dating experience. If you want to be intimate with a woman, you need to make it obvious that you’re interested in her. Now, this doesn’t mean you should buy her roses on your second date or act like her lap dog. Keep a healthy distance, but don’t make her play guessing games, either.

6. You are worried that you’re too small

In the words of Nike, “Just do it.” Whether it’s big, small, points to the left, or points to the right, you have to accept it for what it is and just go for it. If you act like a caring, polite gentleman, women will care less about the size of your package. There are skills you can learn that will more than make up for your lack of Johnson.

7. You refuse to have a one-night stand

If you’re holding out till you meet someone who you’d like to pursue a long-term relationship with, prepare yourself to be celibate for an extended period. You have to be open to where the night takes you if you want to get some action! It’s all about living in the present. Heck, if you’re lucky, a one-night stand could even lead you to meet the woman of your dreams!